Jennifer Perry serves as a vice president and founding member of The Breckenridge Group. Her career has spanned seven years in the executive search field and encompasses all areas of financial services. As Head of Research at Foster Partners and later as Director of Research for The Breckenridge Group, Jenny has worked on close to two hundred separate search assignments in the fields of risk management, structured finance, asset management, private banking, global markets and corporate finance.
A select group of her more recent search assignments includes the following:

   Managing Director, Global Head of Exposure Management
   Head of Credit Derivatives-Fixed Income & Emerging Markets Group
   Vice President, Emerging Markets Trading & Sales
   Head of Fiduciary Risk Management
   Managing Director, Cross Border Leasing
   Managing Director, Structured Finance - Energy
   Managing Director, Structured Finance - Telecommunications
   Controller, Fixed Income Derivatives
   Managing Director, Head of Foreign Equities Sales
   Vice President, Asset Management Sales
   Managing Director, Head of Structured Finance-Asia
   Regional Head of ABS/MBS Risk Management
   Managing Director, Global Aircraft & Structured Finance

    Prior to her association with Foster Partners, Jenny worked as a research associate in the Art Department of Fitness Magazine, and served in various legal support positions for several Manhattan based law firms. In addition to her career in the executive search consulting field, Jenny has distinguished herself as a successful actress, singer and comedienne in various off-Broadway productions. Fluent in several languages, Jenny earned her B.A. degree in Communications from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.